5 Things I Love About My EV That You’ll Adore Too

Mostly unique to electric vehicles, these features will make you seriously consider swapping your gas-powered car for an EV.

Enrique Llanes


Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash

Having driven an EV for almost a year now, I’m realizing the incredible things I overlooked when I first got the car — things that I’ve grown to adore today.

While I can’t predict my next car, one thing’s for sure: for features like these, which are tough to replicate in a gas car, I’ll be an electric vehicle enthusiast all over again.

Smooth drive

It’s a revelation you won’t fully realize until you’ve driven an electric vehicle. The difference in smoothness is striking, and it’s not something you’re conscious of while driving a gas car.

Vibrations, noise, and the jerkiness of gear shifts — these are things we take as given when driving. But then you step on the accelerator of an EV, and you glide above the road in silence.

Trust me, this smooth ride is a game-changer. A few weeks into owning my EV, I took a spin in a slick diesel MINI car with automatic gear shifting. The experience was unpleasant, to say the least. The noise, vibrations, and what I once considered smooth gear shifts were suddenly annoying and rough.

Remote climate control

We are suffering a terrible heat wave in southern Europe and there is something is helping me to overcome it.

I totally forgot how it feels when you park your car under the midday sun and you get inside when it is 120º: the seats, the steering wheel. You can’t touch anything and have to turn the AC on and wait a few suffocating minutes until you can actually drive.

Now, when I’m leaving a building towards my car, I just quickly open the phone app and turn the climate on. In just a few minutes until I get to the car, the vehicle cools itself and it is already at 68º when I get into it. No more sweating waiting for the car to cool.

This is something I’ve also used in winter but maybe in Spain, it is not as critical as cooling.



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