I’m Digging Into Tesla Opening Its Superchargers And The Real Reasons Are Not What You’d Expect

Opening the Supercharger Network to other electric vehicles may seem like a simple move for Tesla, but, in fact, it is a brilliant strategic decision for the company when you understand the hidden implications.

Enrique Llanes
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One of the main benefits of owning a Tesla is the ease of using the company’s chargers compared to other brands. Charging your Tesla at a Supercharger is a convenient process — simply plug in and charge.

When you use the charging stall, it will identify your vehicle and link to your invoicing and payment information. Additionally, it is integrated into your vehicle’s main screen, providing you with details about charging time, speed, and cost.

Moreover, Tesla’s Superchargers are integrated into the vehicle’s navigation and power management systems, allowing for efficient route planning that includes necessary charging stops. Additionally, the battery is preconditioned in advance, resulting in faster and safer charging.

These features are the reason why Tesla owners prefer to use the brand’s Supercharger Network as their primary option when traveling.

Paradigm change

However, Tesla’s exclusivity ended last year, 2022, when the company launched a pilot program in Europe to allow other brand’s electric vehicle owners to use the Supercharger Network. Drivers would be able to access the chargers through the Tesla App, which they had to install on their smartphones.

A new option would be available in the app that allows you to figure out which station and stall you are at and start charging. Previously, users were required to register by providing their invoicing and payment information.

Starting this pilot program in Europe has been convenient because Tesla uses the CCS standard connector in their cars there, which is also used by most other manufacturers. Therefore, there is no need to use adapters or modify the stalls in any way.

In February 2023, Tesla and the US Government announced that the car manufacturer…



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