Tesla didn’t publish Master Plan 3, let me do it for you

The company unveiled its strategy at Investors Day on how to transition the world to sustainable energy but I’m missing a written post as Tesla did with their previous Master Plans.

Enrique Llanes


Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

The bottom line

In summary, and put in a simple way, these are the steps that must be followed to achieve an economy based on sustainable energy sources.

Step 1: Produce electricity only from renewable sources.

Manufacture solar panels and wind turbines to produce all the electricity needed for our economy and batteries to store this electricity to supply the grid when the source is not available.

Step 2: Replace all ICE cars, trucks, and motorcycles with their battery-electric versions.

Manufacture cheap and efficient vehicles that will make customers choose them over their ICE equivalents.

Step 3: Install heat pumps to heat our homes and offices.

Replace existing fossil fuel-based systems with electric heat pumps for heating our homes, offices, shops, and industries.

Step 4: Develop industrial heating solutions for high-temperature processes.

Use hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels for high-temperature industrial processes such as steelmaking and chemical production, where electric heating alone is insufficient.

Step 5: Engineer high-density batteries to make sea and air transport possible.

Develop batteries that can store more energy in the same amount of space or weight to overcome the challenges of converting ships and planes' engines to electric motors.


This plan isn’t something Tesla can accomplish alone. The whole industry needs to work together towards a common goal of a sustainable energy economy.

What Tesla will do is develop viable products that can inspire other companies to take an active role in the transition. This is similar to what they did with the car industry. It’s fair to say that without Tesla, the vehicle industry…



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