The Advent of the “Smart-Car”

In just a few years, car manufacturers which survive will have mastered battery and motor manufacturing and there won’t be significant differentiation in the drivetrain. Only software and overall user experience will allow a car to stand out against the others.

Enrique Llanes


Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

The electric vehicle revolution is coming together with an upgrade on infotainment systems. New customers demand new features in their vehicles: better user interface, full-time connection, entertainment, and more.

Smartphone paralelisms

We are about to face a transport revolution, not only on the drivetrain that will be electric, but we expect a full transformation of the user experience while driving, or as a passenger, in your car.

At this moment we can think of a similar situation as when smartphones appeared. People want cleaner interfaces, better and faster communications, and a system that integrates well with our other digital devices.

With actual cars, we still use our smartphones to access information and entertainment, but customers are willing to move their digital lives to the car screen, larger and easier to use.

But to replace the smartphone, the user experience needs to be so good that it competes against developers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft which have a multi-year experience in interface design and integration. They also have large application stores and services with millions of users which are difficult to mimic with new platforms developed by car manufacturers.

This is why we are on the verge of a revolution when vehicle brands must choose if they develop their own software or rely on the existing platforms for their cars’ interfaces.

Car operating system

Car manufacturers need to update their software skills to adapt to the times that are coming because the car of the future will need a better integration within its components and give customers a whole experience.

Although most legacy brands are letting Apple and Google slowly get into their cars in the…



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