We still have an issue with batteries regarding EV deployment

Although most of the experience is great, batteries are not yet.

Enrique Llanes
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In my experience owning an EV, I’m delighted with every aspect of the driving experience.

The smooth, quiet ride, the powerful acceleration when needed, the ability to cruise downtown in low-emission areas… These are all advantages of an electric vehicle. However, there is a major drawback: the battery.

Taking into account all aspects of an electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain, most parts are far more advanced and simpler than those of an internal combustion engine (ICE).

The motor

The motor is so much better than traditional combustion engines. No need for a transmission or gearbox, this motor does not experience wear due to fuel explosions, meaning there is no need for coolant, oil, or filters for gasoline. This motor does not require as much maintenance, which helps keep the costs of ownership low.

An electric motor is so clean and efficient. Its existence is prior to combustion engines but they have been applied to stationary uses where you can have an electrical outlet. You won’t find combustion engines for the machines that make our clothes or even our cars. Neither you will see them power your appliances at home.

Engineers have long known that electric motors are superior to combustion engines.

But regarding transport, the problem has always been the need to carry the energy with you. And for that reason, fossil fuels have always been the winners.

From coal railways to modern vehicles, carrying and burning fossil fuels on the go has been the only option available to drive transport into our present day.

Fossil Fuels

We need to acknowledge that the world would not be the same today without the development of combustion engines, as they power up planes, ships, trucks, and cars, and that this technology is at the core of how transport has shaped our world.

And this could be going on forever if not for two factors:

  1. Fossil fuels are limited and finite.
  2. The gas emission from…



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